SyncSquare - Tutorial

Add a device

   1.   Start SyncSquare on your device.

   2.  Wait until you see a valid IP address on your device

   3.  Click the Search button.

    4.  Click the Connect button.

    5.  Click Yes to accept the connection request.

    6.  A pass key is shown on your device screen.

    7.  Enter the pass key displayed on your device screen.

        8.  Your device is paired now. It now appears in the
       tool bar of the window.

Syncing contacts

Select contact folders

Before syncing your contacts, you must select the contact folders from Outlook and your connected device.
  1. Open the Sync Contacts tab.
  2. Expand the Settings panel.
  3. Check the folders you want to sync.
  4. Select the folders where new contacts should be inserted to.
SyncSquare now fetches all the contacts from the selected folders.

Sync your contacts

  1. Make sure your mobile device is connected.
  2. Check the contacts you want to sync.
  3. Click the Sync Now button.
SyncSquare syncs all the contacts from the selected folders
  • from and to the selected Outlook folders
  • from and to the connected mobile device

Connecting a device

SyncSquare automatically connects to your device automatically when it syncs.
However, if you want to connect to your device manually, follow the instructions below:
  1. Open the Device Info tab.
  2. Check if the IP address matches with your device's IP address
  3. Click the Connect Now button.

The Device button image indicates wheter you're connected to your device:



Feedback & Support

If you need help with solving a SyncSquare problem, you can contact us right from within the program or just send us an e-mail.